As a company that creates pioneering technology, we are extremely happy to have had the opportunity to work on and be involved with scanning for movies. The process of bringing a film to life is a truly collaborative effort that requires the talents and efforts of many different people, and it is extremely fulfilling to be a part of that process. Our services and scanners have proudly been utilized in these productions below and countless others;

“I first started my career working at a film props company, we thought at the time the structured light scanner we had was state of the art, that was until we purchased a single click 360 degree photogrammetry scanner from Lee at IR. The system heavily contributed to winning the scanning for Lucasfilm on The Force Awakens, our first major production championing the new technology. The first setup location for that job – sandy salt flats in the Abu Dhabi desert! After that, there were many more productions which used IR systems in different film studios and on set locations around the world.”

– Henry Pearce