IR Technology

We Build State of the Art Volumetric Capture Systems

IR’s Technology.
Past, Present & Future…

We’ve been designing and building Photometric & Motion Scanning Systems since 2009. We’re deeply passionate about creating realistic digital doubles for the film, visual effects and games industry.

We’re a self-funded independent company. We strive to innovate and to push the boundaries of digital human acquisition.

2007 Infinite-Realities was created
2008 10x DSLR Multi-Camera Rig *
2009 3x DSLR Full Body “Photogrammetry” R&D
2010 5x DSLR Motion Scanning R&D
2011 36x DSLR 360-Degree Head Rig
2012 110x DSLR 360-Degree Full-Body Rig
2013 IR (Re-branded)
2013 LED Capture R&D
2014 150x DSLR 360-Degree Full-Body Rig “HOTH” System
2015 160x DSLR 360-Degree Full-Body Rig “DEEP BLUE” CP System
2016 20x JAI Machine Vision “Aeon” Motion Scanning System (Prototype R&D)
2018 48x Ximea Machine Vision “AeonX” Photometric & Motion Scanning System (Prototype R&D)
2019 20x JAI Mobile Machine Vision “Aeon” Motion Scanning System
2020 128x Ximea Machine Vision “AeonX” Motion Scanning System (Prototype R&D)
2021 60x Ximea Machine Vision “AeonX: S0L” Photometric & Motion Scanning System
2022 170x Ximea Machine Vision “AeonX: DƐUS” Photometric & Motion Scanning System