IR's Photometric & Full-Body Motion Scanning System

AEONX: “DƐUS” Full-Body Motion Scanning System

Introducing IR’s AeonX full-body motion scanning system, DƐUS.

The DƐUS system is an extension of our S0L scanning system, utilizing the same technology. Our system is not a franchised “volumetric” green-screen system, the system requires no green screen! DƐUS is classed as a motion scanning system.

We designed and built DƐUS utilizing Ximea’s machine vision cameras featuring the high quality Sony Pregius sensors. Our cameras are global shutter, gen locked, strobe synced (with zero motion blur) and can record at 60fps.

We have the ability to scan a 1.5m (l) x 1.5m (w) x 2m (h) volume in a full 360-degree camera arrangement utilizing 170x machine vision cameras, with the focus being high fidelity. The system can also illuminate the subjects with 360-degree cross-polarized global illumination lighting array from 500x LED’s supplied by IDA-Tronic. The lighting provides very clean diffusely lit colour texture information. The camera data is streamed RAW directly to NVME bifurcated storage arrays at very high speeds.

We use microsecond timing on our LED system to strobe sync the camera shutters to acquire perfect synchronization at 60hz. This reduces motion blur as well as creates a comfortable acting environment for the talent. It’s flicker free and very comfortable on the eyes.

Custom Motion Scanning Reconstruction Pipeline

IR’s powerful automated reconstruction system was designed using a custom CLI backend working in unison with Epic’s cutting-edge 3D reconstruction software called Reality Capture. The output from DƐUS’s motion scan frame reconstructions feature super sharp clean mesh geometry as well as a detailed 360-degree diffusely lit (shadow free) UV skin texture maps, captured per frame. Our focus is high quality mesh reconstruction.

60fps (Slow-Motion)

High Fidelity

Our scanning system does not miss a (heart!) beat. We can capture extremely nuanced and subtle emotive performances. The DƐUS system offers you the ability to bring your digital humans to life with a high level of accuracy and realism. These extensive data sets can translate 1:1 into the digital world. We strive to capture and provide high quality motion scan data.

With the unprecedented high-fidelity of our scanning system, your studio can replicate extremely life like digital humans with ease.

Detailed Relightable Surface Geometry

Training Data Sets for Machine Learning Applications

We’re working on building out our full-body in motion capture pipeline. We have the ability to help you acquire and build large data sets for AI and machine learning applications.

Our system has the ability to capture up to 40-minutes of motion scan footage a day, uninterrupted. The DƐUS system is equipped with over 320 terabyte’s of direct storage.

Our offline storage facility has over 3 Petabytes of storage capacity. We’re also equipped with a super fast optical fibre line to be able to deliver high quality data to clients worldwide at blazingly fast speeds.

60fps (Slow-Motion)

Dynamic Cloth Capture & Dynamic Action

We’ve only just begun to touch the surface of what our scanning system is capable of. Capturing dynamic cloth reference yields a wealth of detailed information, to inform virtual cloth simulations and more.

There’s so much nuanced performance hidden in a RAW motion scan. From muscle twitching, to tendons activating, skin sliding, cloth folding, cloth wrinkling. Our systems can capture it all. We can do it reliably, on-time and without fail. So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

We can tailor our motion scanning sessions to cater to your pipeline. The possibilities are endless.

Sci-Fi Themed Action (60fps)
Walking or Running (60fps)

Let your imagine run wild with what you can capture!

DƐUS: Photometric Body Scanning